Susie Vanderlip is a premiere motivational speaker for youth & adults on MENTAL HEALTH, social and emotional problems, drug/alcohol prevention, human trafficking, gangas, self-harm, stress management and more!

Research delivered thru Arts: Theater/Dance/Processing for Youth & Adults Mental/Social/Emotional Health and Well-Being KEYNOTES & WORKSHOPS

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Susie Vanderlip brings an unparalleled
 combination of
 Theatrical and Dance ARTS
to delivery of Research-Based Information


Social/Emotional Coping Skills,

 Mental Health,

Prevention and Healthy Living

For Youth and Adults


Excellent for
Alternative Education Conferences
Adolescent Mental Health Conferences
Foster Care and Probation Conferences
Counseling and Social Workers Conferences
Substance Abuse Events
Parent Awareness

"A dramatic performance that brings life to the many dimensions
 of the people we work with. Give them a face, a name, an identity.
Gives me a depth of understanding and more compassion on the job."
Karen Serenfitt, Family Support Network, Orange County, CA - 04/2015




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LEGACY OF HOPE®  Keynote/Assembly

Theatrical Arts and Research-Based Brain and Prevention
Compelling and effective
Social/Emotional issues, Prevention and Mental Health message.
Dramatic, thought-provoking theatrical one-woman show. Positively stunned, educated and entertained over one million teens and adults across the United States and Canada. 

"It was the most moving thing I have ever witnessed from beginning to end. I can see the beneficial results it can have on every man, woman and child."  
       Inspired Adult
 "You opened my eyes in a way that changed my life!"
        Teen touched by Susie's message 
                Contact Susie for more information.



      De-Stress for Success: Workbook®
          *  Hardcopy with multi-media
          *  Ebook  on AmazonBarnes and Noble  
          *  Multi-media version on iBookstore

       Developled by Susie Vanderlip and husband
       Dr. Ken Vanderlip (clinical psychologist) 

Number one motive for youth and adults to use alcohol, drugs, porn, food, gambling, video games is ...
an inability to cope with their feelings - STRESS!

Society encourages youth and adults to escape stress by turning to alcohol, drugs, pharmaceuticals, food, gambling, sex and more. What if both youth and adults had healthy emotional coping tools to deal with real-life stress? 

Here is a FUN and engaging workshop that provides participants with actual experience of the tools  to cope in a healthy way!  Reduce dependence on alcohol and drugs. Here are the tools that help youth and adults to lose weight, improve health, respond positively rather than react to life challenges.
                Contact Susie for more information.


NEW Workshop

Abandonment, Childhood Trauma and PTSD
in Alternative Education Students

In this workshop, Susie shares video (for which she obtained permission from both youth and parents to tape and share) and processing with five alternative education students. The conversations came from students deep trust and bond with Susie due to the impact of a Legacy of Hope® Assembly at their school three months earlier. 

The conversations are real, poignant and provide clear insights into the emotions and trauma that undermine their academic and life success. Learn straight from the teens’ own voices how abandonment, family problems, grief and loss, and trauma effect their behaviors and performance in school and life.

These teens represent many students in all alternative education classrooms. After this workshop, particpants understand their students and the motivations for their behaviors.  Teachers and administrators gain better interaction with their students and increase their compassion, patience and success in the classroom.



for Every Body

Certified Zumba/Zumba Gold and Yoga Instructor,
Susie brings her playful, energetic and skillful facilitation skills to this WORKSHOP that adds PURE FUN and HEALTHY drug-free activity to conferences. (


Support Groups

This by-product of the LEGACY OF HOPE Assembly is a critical tool in identifying youth with mental and emotional issues and getting them to open up to school counselors. 

More than a  youth motivational speaker. Susie stays and conducts support groups all day for teens after assemblies.
She builds trust with teens that allows them to share their deepest darkest emotional secrets and become eager for help. She provides schools with the SURVEY of HOPE for the entire student body following assemblies. 


NEW Keynote

Lovely Life of the Monarch Butterfly and
Life Lessons Learned

Susie is a Monarch Butterfly Citizen Scientist and expert in the Monarch Butterfly life cycle,
who has raised hundreds of Monarch butterflies from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly in her garden. She has videotaped and photographed their life journey for 3 years and produced children's books and movies ( used in numerous school districts, botanical gardens, nurseries and libraries. Now she shares for adults in photos and video an astounding story of true life determination, charisma, courage, confusion, and undeterred commitment to life purpose.
More Info at:



YouTube Messages
for Youth


"I MATTER" Messages on YouTube for troubled teens - providing them with HOPE and tools to COPE.
Help spread the word to teens in need.



"I wish I'd had something like that when I was a kid. My teenage daughter was deeply moved and retold your stories to me. Your presentation was a God-send!"
Grateful Parent

EXCEPTIONAL for opening eyes and minds to the motives and consequences of alcohol and drug abuse, violence, gangs, sexual irresponsibility, AIDS/STD's, bullying, self-harm, depression, suicidal thoughts and other destructive choices.  POTENT DOSE of character, values, emotional intelligence, responsible leadership, spiritual uplift and personal empowerment. 

"One of the most relevant, most impacting and meaningful offerings I have yet to witness." 
American Counseling Association, Executive

Contact Susie for more information on how she can make your event an unforgettable happening!


            Susie's definition of Peer Pressure

"Peer Opportunity coupled with 
Emotional Vulnerability" 

When a teen is exposed to or pushed to use alcohol or drugs by friends - that is their moment of peer opportunity
When a teen feels neglected, rejected, unloved, unwanted or alone - that creates the emotional vulnerability that makes them say YES.  
  "Peer Pressure - Will Your Child Succumb to It?"





ABOUT Susie Vanderlip

Susie is a nationally-renowned theatrical motivational speaker for both youth and adults. Inductee into the Speakers Hall of Fame, she has reached  over one million people across the US and Canada.

Captivating and Lasting Impression

Highly attuned to understanding feelings,
Susie awakens youth and adults to the emotions
that motivate their every decision.
She then guides them to

'Emotional Wisdom':

The ability to identify and manage:
anger and rage,
* grief and loss,
* childhood trauma,
* adolescent mental health,
* family pain from alcoholism and addiction,
* abandonment, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts and more.

A speaker of many talents

Susie communicates with dance, drama, powerful personal stories, mindfulness, yoga, Zumba and a deep sincerity and warmth that entertains, enthralls and encourages ALL ages.
The LEGACY OF HOPE® presentation addresses:

  • Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention

  • Human Trafficking

  • Tobacco and Teen Pregnancy Prevention

  • Youth Violence

  • Mental Health

  • Self-harm

  • Suicide, Depression

  • Underage Drinking, Alcohol and Substance Abuse

  • Bullying and Self-Esteem

  • Gangs

  • Stress Management

  • Hope and Encouragement

    Life-changing,evidenc-based messages
    about YOUTH and FAMILY concerns - programs that awaken, inform and motivate. 
    Susie powerfully motivates youth and adults to ASK FOR HELP.

    In demand for

  • CONFERENCES on youth and family issues/mental health/prevention

  • SCHOOL ASSEMBLIES at public, private and parochial schools, COLLEGES




    As one counselor stated,

    "Many people are in desperate need of someone they can  
      relate to, who is not afraid of their pain, and can help
      them see the way out.
        That adult is Susie.

Youth Motivational Speaker

YouTube Video

interview with 
Susie Vanderlip 
 Teen and Family Issues Expert 


Susie Vanderlip 
inducted into the
National Speakers Association 

Other Media Messages 
Written by and About Susie

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